Sunday, 13 December 2020

Holiday Offerings

 Hello fine folks,

I hope you are well and gathering wood and warmth for the coming winter season! Here are my 2020 winter offerings of leather handmade vessels...

Shipping - I will deliver ASAP to your door if you're in the GTA, or send promptly elsewhere via Canada Post. Cost of shipping is calculated at checkout based on the size of your purchase, and if it is more/less I will refund/invoice. I'm happy to send anything international, might just cost a wee bit more! (I don't have a fancy app calculator yet...)

Small Zip Pouch 

A minimalist wallet, or a just a simple pouch for precious items.

3.5x5" - $20 - SOLD OUT!

Magic Square Pouch

A textured leather zippered pouch, perfect for classy organizing!

6x6" - $30 - SOLD OUT!

The Marzipanier 

A reversible, single pocket, high-hanging bag with cotton webbing.

9.5x12" - $80

yellow/blue (sold out)

grey/orange/purple (sold out)

crocodile/black/neon (sold out)
sand/slate/raspberry (sold out)

purchase chocolate/red/malachite (sold out)

Original Slim Fanny

A reversible, essentials-only fanny pack with nylon webbing adjustable strap.

9.5x4.5" - $70

golden/black/cobalt (sold out)

purchase violet snakeskin/black/periwinkle (sold out)


Buckle Slim Fanny

A reversible, essentials-only fanny pack with nylon webbing adjustable strap and quick on/off buckle.

9.5x4.5" - $75


purchase cream/blue/turquoise zip/orange buckle (sold out)

Paperboy Totes

A high-hanging cross-body bag that will fit everything! 

17x20" - $100

chocolate/red (sold out!)

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The Slim Fanny (*new*design*)

 Slim Fanny
recycled upholstery-grade leather with nylon webbing
9” x 4.5” single compartment slim aspect fanny
two colour combination made for reversible wear
adjustable strap, 42” maximum length
custom strap lengthening easily available, please inquire!
(plus $5 shipping/bicycle delivery)

(sold out!)

deep turquoise
(sold out!)

violet blue
(sold out!)

(sold out!)

soft blue
(sold out!)

emerald green
(sold out!)

(sold out!)

highlighter yellow with turquoise strap
(sold out!)

Monday, 20 May 2019

The Paperboy Bag

The Paperboy Bag

recycled upholstery-grade leather with 1.5” leather strap
20” x 17” single compartment slouchy cross-body/sling bag
(plus $5 shipping/bicycle delivery)

(sold out!)

real red/chocolate

(sold out!)