Monday, 7 December 2015

French Terry Pullovers

100% cotton, hand-dyed, hand-sewn by me, Mairi!

French terry is a lightweight, absorbent knit. It is heavier than a t-shirt, but lighter than fleece, perfect for layering and comfortable against the skin.

These are all the same size. The shape of this sweater works if it's baggy or fitted. Here are some measurements to guide you:
23" nape to waist cuff
21" underarm to sleeve cuff
21" from seam to seam across chest

There is only one of each piece below. The labour to dye, cut and sew one pullover is around 4 hours and the materials cost about $15.

They are pre-shrunk and the dyes are fixed. Machine wash cold, preferably, and hang to dry. If you get a hole in your sweater, a rip or a tear, I would be more than happy to fix it. Repair before you discard!

If you live in Toronto, I can deliver your choice item to you. If you do not, I can ship it through our federal postal service for a fee of $15. (You will have to e-transfer this to

One last note! I have more winter-esc items on the way, but this is the last of the pullovers for now!

And so...

...purchase raspberry pullover