Tuesday, 22 December 2015

~~~Fisherman Beanies~~~

I made a bunch of mean beanies to ring in the New Year... they are so cute! (If I do say so myself.) You can roll the cuff up, leave it down to make a more slouchy hat, do the elfin side roll up and tuck 'er behind one ear. Everything, anything!

Anyways, they are $25 a piece, plus 5 bucks for shipping/delivery (in Canada/ day-of bike delivery in Toronto, by yours truly.)

I made a few different sizes -- Small, Medium and Large. This is in reference to the size around the head. The fabric has stretch, so go with the size that is closest to your own crown size. My head measures 22 inches around, and I wear medium comfortably. I can wear the small with the rim rolled down too, as it lets out a bit when it unrolls.

Small - 20 inches around base
Medium - 22 inches around base
Large - 24 inches around base
Each one has a different depth, and I will list specifics below each picture.

Here is a silly picture of me in my personal fave hat, just so you can see how they sit on the head. 


Here they are...

old pink and the seafoam (S) -- purchase
This chap has a skinnier rim.

raspberry/aqua (S) -- purchase
This one boast a longer raspberry body (by just under an inch), giving it a good slouch.

watermelon head (S) -- purchase
The classic fit!

cantaloupe/honeydew (M) -- purchase
The classic fit, see above for a more personal view.

burnt orange/sky blue (M) -- purchase
This hat has a longer body, (about an inch longer than the classic.) A nice sloucher!

pinky (L) -- purchase
Size L around the base, shorter in the body. Fisherman classic with a rosy flair.

greeny (L) -- purchase
This piece has a longer body, by about an inch.

bluey (L) -- purchase
Classic fit! Classic colour!

The end. "See" you in 2016.